Rupani Snehal

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


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About me

I Snehal, am a Theta healing practitioner and teacher with an extensive experience in a wide range of healing modalities.

I am amongst the 3rd generation in my family of healers, with deep knowledge of varied healing modalities and a well-rounded approach to my practice. Inspired by the elders in my family who were practicing various healing techniques like meditation, numerology, palmistry, face reading and healing through touch, my spiritual journey started at the age of 6. Owing to my early connect with spirituality, at a young age itself I understood the effects, thoughts have on emotions and on life. Seeing my close family suffer from sicknesses like cancer and Parkinson’s, created a desire to search and understand the real and deepest essence of life, and its connection to mental / physical disturbances that people experience in life. 

Life changing incidents created a strong desire in me to understand life from the universal perspective - to understand life at its purest form on the soul level, to know pure truth. This quest led me to learn various healing modalities viz Theta Healing, Chakra Healing, Graphology and Aura Reading, to name a few.

I was blessed, to have an opportunity to learn directly from Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing  technique, and I have since then helped many students and others seeking healing to benefit from this modality. I have been practising Theta healing since 2011, teaching since 2015 and working as a Practioner and Trainer  in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai with a loyal following of clients and students.

“Healing people is my passion and I love to help to resolve their issues and empower people to transform their life.”

I am equally passionate about teaching people as I believe that it will help people to heal themselves and be independent, to take charge of their own lives. Teaching helps me to reach out to many people at once, showing them the path to be able to create their own reality. There have been countless instant healings and I humbly credit them to the Creator of all that is.

I truly believe that my purpose in life is to assist people who wish to bring change in their own lives at all levels - mind, body and soul. I am available for all those who need me to resolve and bring change in their situation and bring a new perspective to their existence.



Extra Credentials

• Chakra Healing 

• Space Healing (Vaastu)

• Applied Hypnosis

• Past life Regression

• Children and Teenage Counsellor

• Parent Reflections Counsellor

• Trauma Release Technique

• Emotional Freedom Technique 

• Art of Meditation

• Aura Reading 

• Art of Affirmations

• Graphology

• Drawing Analysis

• Metaphor Therapy

• Redikal Healing (Certified by International Academy Of Life)

• Chakra Dowsing and Balancing

   (Major & Minor Chakras)


"I had been suffering from headache for 10 years. I was also suffering from glaucoma and I thought that my headache was due to my glaucoma, but after being medically treated for my glaucoma when my headache still continued, I contacted my doctor and was informed that my headache wasn't not due to glaucoma. Then I got in touch with Holistic Solutions and during the sessions I got to know the root problem of my headache was a guilt feeling which I had since the age of 10. I got relief from my problem and now I am very happy as I no longer get these headaches. Thanks to your healing sessions."


" According to Snehal there is a direct link between our thoughts and health. I had constant dryness in my eyes which i attributed to my job as a crew which is in a pressurized cabin n dry air conditioned hotel rooms. Snehal pointed out the link between dryness in eyes and my thinking process. 1 session of healing with her helped me to completely get rid of the problem. She is a gifted intuitive healer with a thorough understanding of mind and body. Her understanding goes beyond logic and penetrates various dimensions of life."

Satish Rupani

" My dengu was healed with Thetahealing. My WBC had dropped to 2200. It came to 5500 with theta healing only. I did not take any medication. I had a swelling on my wrist for a long time. No medication worked. Theta healing healed it completely"


"For some reasons or the other, I was under terrible mental stress as my wife had developed a depression during October-13.We also consulted some psychiatric and under their treatment she was called a month or so. When we were frantically searching for a remedy, we got the information regarding THETA healing treatment at Holistic Solutions, Mumbai. We immediately rushed to the concerned consultant and after providing the background, under this treatment within a short time of two weeks we observed a drastic positive result and we continued the treatment for another five weeks. Now, my wife is absolutely normal and carries on her daily duties to my full satisfaction, my daughter and the society around me. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the consultant .God bless her to achieve all success in her life. Regds..........Durga"

Durga Das

" Amazing Experience. Learning and getting close to the creator of all that is, is one of a kind experience that I am blessed to enjoy. Thank you Snehal. Thank you Creator."


" It has been a great experience. It has brought me the much awaited peace of mind, confidence and belief. Looking forward to the next level of workshop."


" Snehal's gentle nature and powerful healing gifts are a divine combination. Every time I work with Snehal, she illuminates another aspect of myself and provides wonderful guidance and healing in an environment of love and non-judgment. I would recommend Snehal to anyone who is ready to embark on or accelerate their healing journey. Snehal, you are a gifted teacher and an inspiration."

Toronto, Canada

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Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Chennai, Banglore, Ahmedabad, Dubai, Singapore
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